Rune Stone Magic List

1. dead be gone (turn undead)
2. solve of life (hp regen?)
3. the true fist (attack up)
4. enchanted coin geyser (spawn a lot of bag of coins)
5. extra item stock (+1 personal skill/item usage)
6. the skeleton key (open gate)
7. treasure hunter’s friend (unveil hidden chest)
8. open the sesame (open secret passage)
9. call sylphide’s wind (wind protection)
10. life from stone (event)
11. reveal mystery zone (event)
12 solomon’s flying carpet (event)

SFC – Solomon’s Flying Carpet
LFS – Life From Stone
TSK – The Skeleton Key
DBG – Dead Be Gone
THF – Treasure Hunter Friend
DSB – Double Score Bonus
PAT – Potency And Durability
TPI – The Phoenix Incantation
SOD – Sigil Of Death
TEB – Tri-Elemental Blast
ECG – Enchanted Coin Geyser
EIS – Extra Item Stock
TTF – The True Fist
CSW – Call Sylphide’s Wind
SBS – Strength Beyond Strength
PTF – Petrify The Flesh
SOL – Salve Of Life
GWS – Generate Weapon Stash
OTS – Open The Sesame
DIE – Die

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