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Arifureta Table of Content

Please note that I don’t translate any of these LNs.  I gave credit where I got each of these from (on the main page of each LN on the blog) as I’m just hosting it to make it easier to read on my tablet.  Since Arifureta doesn’t have a main page on my blog, the place where I got the chapters from is jcafe by EnDo.

Chapter 1: Summoned to a Different World
Chapter 2: Status Plate
Chapter 3: Bulling the Weakest
Chapter 4: A Chat Under the Moonlight

Chapter 5: Trap
Chapter 6: Behemoth
Chapter 7: Wretched Malice
Chapter 8: Abyss
Chapter 9: Complete Change

Chapter 10: Weapon Creation
Chapter 11: Subjugation of a Arch-Nemesis
Chapter 12: Classmate Side 1: Despair and Decisions
Chapter 13: Path of Escape
Chapter 14: The Sealed Room in the Abyss

Chapter 15: Cheat Rather then Hero
Chapter 16: Demon of the Sealed Room
Chapter 17: Chat at Ease
Chapter 18: Classmate Side 2 First Part: Second Nightmare
Chapter 19: Classmate Side 2 Latter Part: Beyond the Past

Chapter 20: A Partner’s Abilities
Chapter 21: The Guardian of the Depths
Chapter 22: Abode of Traitors
Chapter 23: True History
Chapter 24: Departure

Chapter 25: Classmates’ Side 3 : The Empire and the Heroes (I)
Chapter 26: Classmates’ Side 3 : The Empire and the Heroes (II)
Chapter 27: Raisen Grand Canyon and miserable Rabbit
Chapter 28: Shia Haulia’s Circumstances
Chapter 29: Contract Completed

Chapter 30: Encounter of the Haulia Tribe
Chapter 31: Empire’s Soldiers
Chapter 32: Shia’s Feelings and Haltina Sea of Trees
Chapter 33: Haulia is as Shameless as Expected
Chapter 34: Elders Conference

Chapter 35: The Only Way to Survive?
Chapter 36: Shia, Grand Battle of One’s Lifetime
Chapter 37: Haulia’s Sudden Change
Chapter 38: Hajime’s Failure
Chapter 39: The Great Tree’s Secret

Chapter 40: In Brook Town – First Part
Chapter 41: In Brook Town – Middle Part
Chapter 42: In Brook Town – Last Part
Chapter 43: Great Dungeon of Raisen?

Chapter 44: Miledi Raisen – First Part
Chapter 45: Miledi Raisen – Middle Part
Chapter 46: Miledi Raisen – Last Part
Chapter 47: The Person Inside the Golem
Chapter 48: Raisen Great Dungeon and The Last Trial

Chapter 49: You Did Well
Chapter 50: Ai-chan’s Bodyguards
Chapter 51: Once Again, In Brook Town
Chapter 52: Adventurer-like Work
Chapter 53: Adventurers Guild, Fhu-ren Branch

Chapter 54: Branch Head’s Request
Chapter 55: Reunion in the Lakeside Town
Chapter 56: Aiko’s Worries
Chapter 57: The Northern Mountain Range Area
Chapter 58: Black Dragon Subjugation?

Chapter 59: Tio Clarce

 Chapter 60+

Chapter 100+ (Google Drive)

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