(Free) Recommended Programs

Avast: Virus Scanner, will need to register for free (I think I did custom install and didn’t install the optional stuff)

MPC-BE: Media player that plays everything, you don’t need codecs anymore unlike the old days (Pick 64 bit version if your windows is 64 bit, otherwise pick the regular version)

MalwareBytes’ Anti-Malware: While the avast is mostly automatic, this free version is good for like adware/malware but you have to update it manually and scan manually for the free version so I just run it once in a while)

Malwarebytes adwcleaner (Same as above, though this is a standalone so you don’t need to install it like the above and can just run it every once in a while)

Mozilla Firefox: Browser (I think the newer versions automatically update you to the 64-bit version if your computer qualifies)

Google Chrome: Browser (Like firefox I think chrome automatically updates to 64-bit a few years ago)

  • https://www.google.com/chrome/
  • uBlock Origin (Adblock extension)
  • uBlock Origin Extra (Companion to ublock origin, firefox doesn’t need it but chrome does)
  • Dark Reader (Same as firefox version)
  • BetterTTV (Nice if you use Twitch a lot, shows more emotes and better options. helpful when modding as well.)

Optional Programs

ImgBurn (create/write isos)

BD Rebuilder (shrink bds into smaller sizes. this is NOT a decrypter)

CrystalDiskMark (Good for testing drive speed)

Tweaks to MPC-BE (Upscaling/Downscaling)

Rufus (good for making bootable usb drive, I used it to do a clean windows install off of a windows iso)

Display Driver Uninstall (clean)

How to Enable “reader mode” on Chrome for your Android Phone/Phablet

  1. Open Chrome (make sure you’re running the latest version) and type chrome://flags in the address bar. Press Go.
  2. Head to Menu > Find on Page and search for “Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon”. Click the Enable link under that setting.
  3. Relaunch Chrome when prompted.

3 thoughts on “(Free) Recommended Programs

    • They aren’t my translations. I gave credit to the translators on each of the main pages, and some of them are pretty much machine translations depending on what chapter it is.

      I’m just also hosting it on my website so my tablet can read it (found google documents really annoying to read from)

  1. Not my translations, I’m just also hosting it since google documents are a pain to read on. Gave credits to the translators on each of the main pages. (if you scroll down to comments, each of the main pages also have the password for that particular LN)

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