FF14 ARR 50 Guide


  • Don’t bother doing that, that’s relic weapon guide.  Wait until you’re fully geared in darklight before even starting

Buy iLv 46-49 jewelry/belt that are HQ (really cheap), they’ll last until you get darklight or AK drops

CM (unlimited tokens = Philosophy tomes (but i’ll call it tokens) farm = you can start here to get iLvl 70 armor/jewelry. easy, u can start right when you’re 50. just tell people it’s your first time because you really don’t need to watch walkthrough video for this)

AK (300 cap per week = Myth tokens) = you can start after a few darklight and ifrit weapon (just need ifrit weapon tbh). make sure you watch walkthrough videos for this dungeon. actually these days you can just get carried lol in your af1, if you buy the white hq accessories i told u too and the HQ weapon with 2 materias melded (that will be used in your future relic weapon quest)

  • Both of the above tokens can be traded in for gear at Mor Dhana (sp?) – Revenant’s Toll.  Auriana (sp?) is the NPC
  • Both of those dungeons are the most efficient dungeons, you can do other dungeons if you get bored/sick of them.
  • Garuda and Ifrit also give small amounts of tokens, which is kinda nice since it’s better than nothing when you’re doing shitloads of runs praying for a weapon drop


  1. Starter Weapon: Buy  (preferably the HQ version if the price difference is small, otherwise the crappier one is fine) Aeolian Scimitar + 2 Battledance III Materias (buy from marketboard).  Pay someone 2.5k to meld each of those materias into your Scimitar (you’ll need this for the relic weapon quest above).  Just shout for someone in the proper town and then meet up with them and click + request meld.  Sometimes you can just buy the weapon with materias already melded into it.
  2. Grind Ifrit Hard for a weapon drop
  3. Grind Garuda Hard for a weapon drop (when you’re mostly geared in darklight)
  4. Skip titan hard grinding, do him once with relic quest when fully geared in darklight or pay someone to carry you in shit gear (I paid Shinobu Misaki 200k a few weeks ago)
  5. Relic quest gives you relic weapon/shield, save up the limited tokens (300 per week limit) called Tomestones of Mythology (which I’ll call Myth tokens from now on).
  6. Costs 600 to upgrade sword to +1, and another 300 to upgrade shield to +1.  +1 iLvl  90


  1. Do your iLvl 50-55 AF1 quests
  2. Buy iLvl 46-49 jewelry to fill in the rest (and use your seals to get GC stuff that are upgrades)
  3. Grind CM (full armor/jewelry/belt) for iLvl 70 gear
  4. Grind AK (AF2 = tomes from here = iLvl 90 gear), AK also drops gear (iLv 60) that is slightly worse than Darklight so it’ll last until you get darklight (iLv 70)
  5. Optional – After you get full darklight, when you cap AK tomes each week you can also raid bahamut’s coil for equivalent gear to AF2.
  6. Optional (in future patch) – A bigger raid instead of the usual 8-man (and this one will be puggable in duty finder, unlike bahamut’s coil) will be added to fill the gap between titan and bahamut’s coil (so it’s iLv will probably be 80, better than darklight but worse than AF2/Bahamut’s Coil raid)

Other tips

For the Relic Weapon

  • Chimera groups form in Coerthas
  • Hydra groups form in Mor Dhana – Revenant’s Toll

Token Efficiency

  • Grind AK to hit 300 weekly token limit, then if you have extra time to play the game grind CM until AK resets.  AK also drops gear that are slightly weaker than Darklight (so it’s good filler gear)
  • CM AND AK groups also form in Mor Dhana, but these shout groups are more for speed running so you need to be really geared for these.  You’ll be using duty finder for quite a while before joining these groups.
  • On mondays, -maybe- tuesdays it’s better to Garuda hard mode farm (instead of AK) since she gives both tokens and have no queue times (even with a full group, the wait time on mondays is too long for AK)

Optional Jewelry

  • You can spend CM tokens to buy some of the crafted components to sell for Gil to buy iLv 70 jewelry and meld a bunch of materias.  This lowers your damage but gives you more health since darklight jewelry has no vit (iirc, could be wrong for tanks).  I don’t bother with this though since it costs way too much gil but if you’re bored after gearing up, it gives you something to do.

Unlocking Primals

  • They all unlock, one by one, in Vesper Bay after you beat the story

Unlocking Bahamut’s Coil

  • Beat all the hard primals and then talk to someone again (I’m guessing also in Vesper bay, too lazy to even unlock it)

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